To create a distillery from nothing more than a dream takes drive and passion. Tailored Sprits ensures this same passion goes into every bottle. True to its name, each aspect of the distilling process is specifically tailored to produce high-quality spirits, distinct from both market brands and neighbouring craft distilleries.

Tailored Spirits embodies a philosophy of handcrafted, hand-built. 

At the heart of Tailored Spirits are tenants of “sustainable, local, and craft”. A focus on sustainable sourcing, from still components to ingredients, allows for values that protect the earth. Tailored Spirits embodies handcrafted, hand-built. Local meets global, as elements sourced from every corner of the world combine to create a remarkable product produced right here at home. Rather than buying mass-produced stills, custom stills are hand-built components sourced from all around the globe. Base and accent elements are sourced both locally and worldwide to ensure only the highest caliber of ingredients go into every bottle.

The result?

Clean, distinguished flavours unlike any other.