Remarkably smooth with a clean, sophisticated taste. A naturally sweet apple base augments rather than masks the true vodka flavour.

Each element complements the other, resulting in a light, distinctive vodka for the distinguished palette.

Tailored Spirits Vodka uses only the finest quality ingredients, sourced both locally and globally. Starting with the highest-grade cider apples from BC’s beautiful Interior, it is fermented vigorously with champagne yeast. It is then twice-distilled through a column and quadruple-filtered through high-grade activated carbon sourced from coconut husks. What remains? Only the best.

Tailored Spirits

Highest Quality Since 2013

To create a distillery from nothing more than a dream takes drive and passion. Tailored Sprits ensures this same passion goes into every bottle. True to its name, each aspect of the distilling process is specifically tailored to produce high-quality spirits, distinct from both market brands and neighbouring craft distilleries.